Uluwatu Kecak Bali Tour Packages

Uluwatu Kecak Bali Tour Packages – Uluwatu Kecak Tour is an afternoon tour and exciting trip to Uluwatu Temple, the most famous Bali Tour Packages Balinese temple in southern Bali with breathtaking views

View of the sunset and the Indian Ocean. This travel Bali Holidays Packages is combined with the spectacular performance of the traditional Balinese dance of Kecak Dance and the enjoyment of the Delicious fish food at Jimbaran Beach. The tour takes you into the wonderful memory Bali Tour Packages with three different experiences as a feature of this package.

Places of interest are visited during the Uluwatu Kecak Tour:

Uluwatu Temple
The Temple of Uluwatu is one of the Balinese Hindu temples Bali Honeymoon Packages right on the Petrifying Hill with the existing column on the right and left. The temple of Uluwatu is One of the Sad Khayangan (the 6th largest temple in Bali) has a magnificent view of the Indian Ocean and the sunset as a backdrop. This temple is very surprising and there Area also the group of monkeys that populate the small forest around the temple.

Kecak dance
Kecak Dance, Balinese Kecak Dance is a spectacular traditional dance with a group of people playing this dance with the fire game. It is very exciting Jasa Seo Bali and Unique dance because of the gamelan sound does not use the normal gamelan, but the mouth. The dancers make the compact choir with exquisite dance Movement, which is one of these tan features.

Fish dinner in Jimbaran
Fish Dinner in Jimbaran, Jimbaran Beach is a beautiful beach in the southern part of Bali Car Rental with white sand that stretches along the coast. There are Many cafes offer a delicious seafood dinner with breathtaking views of the Indian Ocean. It is served right on the beach with a nice placemat due to the ocean.

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